Modding hotair... bought car yesterday



Hey guys, im now a hotair member. I bought an 85gn yesterday and want to know what to do for mods. I hear that the 87 ecu with scanmaster is the only way to fly. What all is involved in this conversion, and what other mods make a good bit of difference?

Thanks guys - Evan
Make sure you check out the technical info on It will have performance recipes and methods to swap out the ECM.
Depends on how much you want to spend. I myself am saving up to change over to 86/87 style turbo, intake, intercooler, etc. Is your car stock now?
87 ECM - $25 junkyard (p/n 1227148)
87 MAT - $0 junkyard
87 MAF - $100?? buick vendor
87 chip - $50-75
As far as the 87 ecm , easy just plug the new one in the same wayas the 85 , get a 87 maf , a chip for the ecm , and a ambiente temp sensor part # 779-19001 from advance auto parts.

Before you do any mods , and i dont know what you have done now but here go's any way. :) Fuel pump, adj reg and hot wire the pump or you will kill the car its a must. Then go with a cone filter, free flow exhust or dump pipe. Get a elec fan and 160 stat to help keep it cool. Then i would go to the tranny before you get to far, trans cooler and shift kit might help it out. Best mod i found is the down pipe . make a adj waste gate , this is alot of mods to start with and will get you moving pretty fast. And don't forget the boost gauge and knock gauge.

I hope this is what you were looking for:D
guys great info sounds like the mods are the same as the ones i made to my zcar.

What all do i need to do to swap to the compete Fi system for the 87.

I will probablly start with the computer, and chip swap along with the amb. temp deal.

If and when i go to an IC, ill most likely use another spearco or something along those lines.

What do you mean by swap the whole fi to the 87. All you should need to do is the 87 ecm, 87 maf, air temp so the check engine light does not stay on, and a 87 chip made to work with the injectors you have. That should be good.:)
i miss my car

get parts out of junkyard.. cheaper/free

if you get an 87 ecm you MUST get a new chip and you MUST get an 87 MAF. you dont have to wire in a MAT, but if you dont, the SES light will always be on.

if you get an IC, go with the turbomotion kit, not spearco.
I still don't see why you HAVE to get an 87 MAF. There are cheaper ways around it. I still have the 85 MAF on my 85 GN with the 87/Thrasher combo. I do have a 2200 ohm resistor from the C-11 pin location to ground. The computer thinks the air temp is 70 degrees and the car absolutely screams. I don't have the rich problems that Dan Smith mentioned on the gn/ttype page. :)
Hotair maf and 86/87 mafs are NOT the same. they are not calibrated the same, if you have a chip burned for an 87 ecm and a hotair maf ,then everything is okay, cause thats what i have, but usually i dont tell peoepl that cuz it confuses them. not every chip maker can burn chips for the hotair mafs, the simplest way is to just get a IC car's maf.

you dont NEED a mat sensor if you run a resistor, but if youve gone to that trouble, you couldve just put the MAT in...
Thing is, I have a Thrasher for the 87. I use the 85 MAF...not MAT. The chip is for an 87. No mention of special burning for the 87 ecm and 85 MAF. I use the resistor in place of the MAT sensor. The resistor makes the computer think the MAT is reading 70 degree air and the 85 MAF works like an 87...this is the easiest way I know to describe it.
Guys, why not get Harry (PTE) to burn you a Hotair chip? This is what I used in my '85 T.
I have done alot of research on the E.T's of non-intercooled TR and the 87 ECM is a common feature of the better performing cars. I bought an 84 Ttype last month and this will be my first mod.

btw Nick B has the best performance to $ ratio I have seen I plan on following his recipe.
Thanks for the info guys, i am following and watching. I will be ordering the 87 ecu soon.

Keep up the great information.

Thanks - Evan