More front coil spring questions


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Hey guys , been a while since I've been wanting to change my front coil springs ( it's an 87 GN ) , and from I've known in the past the 86's had a different ride height compared to the 87's .
Had the car since 92 , bought NOS ones for the car in 95 but never used them , still in the box ( not going to use them , explain later ). When I had another 87 GN , 1,400 mile time capsule and parked them next to each other , there was an inch difference in front end height . I guess driving it around and drag racing it took it's toll on the springs . I basically want to restore it back to stock original height and ride .
With that , I did search here and read all I could find on the topic , and have found that most say use the Moog 5606 for stock . When I look those up , they call it a free height of 14.36'' , the NOS ones I have are 13.625 .
Kirban sells a set , but is calling them for 84-87 TR's . Highway Stars has a set they call specifically for 87's with the FE2 or FE3 suspension , which assuming that is GN , and would differ from the 86's ( I can remember back in the day seeing 86's parked next to 87's and seeing the ride height difference .
Does anyone know what the spring rate for the stock originals was vs. the Moog 5606 ? Kirbans are listed as stock height and 639 lbs per inch . Highway stars doesn't say what there's are .
Why am I not using the NOS ones I have ? In the future I plan on doing a frame off on the GN , and will use them then , and being new springs are relatively inexpensive , just buy an aftermarket new set for now .
Thank you .