more info needed/doing valve springs


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started replacing springs on my 1989 tta, found black stem seals on exhaust side/orange ones on intake. reading other posts i thought seals were suppost to be on intakes only. do i remove exhaust seals and replace or just leave off? bought fel-pro viton seals for intake only, if i need to replace exhaust seals will these work or do i need to get "exhaust specific" seals? i'm using compressed air to hold valves while changing springs(120#), could hear steady air leak into motor(sounds like air going into intake, doing #1 cylinder,valves closed,compression on this cylinder was 140# before i started springs). thought i did my homework, any help would be GREATLY appriciated

According to what information I have you should only have you should only have seals on the intakes (Felpro SS72623). I would guess that somebody put them on the exhausts in the past to cure a smoking on start-up condition or something like that. As far as the air leakage you hear, could be a valve/seat getting tired or some garbage between valve & seat. As it stands it appears you've got two choices, pull the heads to have the guides/seats checked or slam the seals on it and enjoy your car! :D Personally I'd grab another set of seals and put them on the exhausts while you're in there and run it. The intake valvestem diameter is .3410 and I'd guess the exhausts are the same. You might double check though if you decide to purchase another set of seals for the exhausts. As far as the different color seals - don't know. Hopefully someone else can chime in and help you out on that one. HTH
thanks for the reply Turbo T/A 1543! that is the p/n of the seals that i have, i'm assuming different colors of intake/exhaust seals may be different compounds( viton, buna, buna-n). when i purchased seals the counter guy showed me a listing for exhaust seals( thought it might have been an error,run into that before).
bought this car back in 1993 from second owner who didn't have much history from original owner so i don't have a clue what's been done. appeared to have been untouched but starting to wonder..... more feedback please!
I just did valve springs on my TTA this weekend and found the same thing. I am the second owner and the origanal owner told me the vavle covers have never been off. So why do we have seals on the intake and exhaust?