Motor mounts ????


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Jul 23, 2006
Hay guys I was looking at the motor mounts, (at southeast turbo performance) to help with the tork issue do any of you experts (from years of ISSUES ;) have some suggestions ??? WHAT BRAND AND WERE TO GET THEM?

HRPARTSNSTUFF is the only ones to get. i have been running them since day one and i love them. this is a one time deal you will never have to replace them again.
On a cheaper note: There's always the torque strap. Works fine for moderate HP applications. If you DO get the MMs, then I suggest getting the Trans Mount along with.
yes get the trans mount from hrparts as well it will work well. forget the torque strap.
I run HR parts on the driver's side only, as recommended for my application, and am very pleased with it.
I have both engine mounts and a trans mount from HR. I think the engine moves less with these than it did with a torque strap and I got the soft ones so I didn't pick up any vibrations to speak of. Absolutely awesome product. james
yes the HR parts are awesome. no vibration issues at all.

We always have them in stock ready to ship.