mounting ls1 mass air


May 24, 2001
I just picked up a trans +, ls1 mass air and extender chip. My question is how do you mount the mass air now?

The ls1 mass air doesn't have any mounting holes correct?

I usually hang the k&n off of the mass air and with the stock bracket it was no problem but now it's resting on the upper rad hose and hanging on for bare life with one hose clamp at the turbo.

How did you guys mount yours?
thanks for the pics. But how is the mass air mounted? Is it just suspended by the turbo and air filter?
Or did I miss something.
Yep, you don't need to solid mount the LS1 mafs because they are not senstive to vibration like the stock ones. It is actually a very solid mount once you clamp the hoses down and the air filter is between the A/C lines and inner fender. It doesn't move at all. It takes a little wiggling to get it all outta there too.
Hope this answers your question
Thanks James. Your mass air pipe is longer then mine. So I guess I need to get a new one. I wanted a 3.5" pipe anyway.
Thanks for your help.