Moved O2 from header to dp, change tune?

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I moved my wide band O2 for me Speed Pro to about 6" down the downpipe as opposed to 2" before the turbo in the header. I know this is suposed to be a better spot for it, how will it change my tune? Will I have to take the #'s in my VE table down? Thanks!
That's a loaded question. What were the temps in the previous location? What was the back pressure in the previous location? A long time ago, I switched locations from the collector to the downpipe and observed no significant difference in calibration. On the other hand, the sensor is purported to indicate a progressively leaner condition when exposed to higher temps and pressures the further the A/F is from stoich. I would wager that whatever difference you may experience will be relatively minor and without serious consequence provided you are on top of it.
I'll see what it does this weekend. I just got this car running and haven't had much time to play with it. This is my 1st experience with SP too. It was taking away 10% (which is the max it is set to take away) with the "base" program. The plugs always look clean, but I'm beginning to think they may be just getting cleaned off driving back to the pits. I got it down to just about 0% O2 correction and my boost drops about 5 psi. Does that make any sense? Leaning it out makes less boost? I've heard the opposite. :confused: Thanks again!