MT Radial Slicks

Donald McMullin

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MT has (new) 30 x 9 x 15 drag radial slicks available. Has anyone used these slicks???

If so what are your recommendation regarding setup, air pressure, etc.

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Donald McMullin
Dunno, but I believe these are targeted at NHRA Stock Eliminator cars - see the rules. Goodyear has had their radials out for a couple of years and they are very popular. Said to provide substantial additional MPH. I'm sure MT is responding to Goodyear's lead...
If these are targeted at stock eliminator cars, why would they not work for 12.0 to 12.5 turbo??

Would the compound be too soft or hard?
Is the sidewall too soft??

I am new to this so any ideas on race tire technology will be helpful.

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Donald McMullin
30" tires would probably rub without fenderwell mods and would be too much tire (height wise) for a 12.0 car. Might work good for a high 10 second car, though.
Do you have stock gears in your rear? If you have the 3.42s... Stay with your 26" slicks until your car starts to approach the high 11s.

If you have 4.11 gears.. Go for it.. the 30" tall tires will work, if you can get them to fit without rubbing, chewing themselves up on the launch and maybey having a blowout somewhere around the 1/8 th mile..

The basic consensus seems to be that: stock longblock cars use 26" tall tires until they approach 11.90s, at which point switching up to a 28" tall tire to keep the RPMs down on the big end, seems to help, due to the stock longblocks unwillingness to rev [and make power] past 51-5200 RPM due to lack of bigger cam & unported stock heads...
I have stock (3.42) gears and are using 28 inch DR's, but I have a set of 3.73 gears on the shelf which would have been used with the 30 inch tires.

I was just wondering. I which I could fine a 28 inch radial slick, but no luck so far.

With the DR's I am improving. This past weekend I pulled a 1.76s 60-ft time, but had to shut down due to knock so I did not get a full run. I was trying a new high timing chip with new injectors for racing with stock turbo, still have some learning as to the right setup.

For now I am going to stick with the stock gears and the 28 inch DR's.

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Donald McMullin
i have the answer

hey my father has a 1970 chevelle that we race in A stock eliminator we race M/T and we run them at 21 pounds and rotate them from side to side we run 10.50s all day in the heat and we always hook they are wearth a tenth from byasis ply. anything else?
30x9 Hoosiers

These tires are aimed at the NHRA stockers. I have heard they can be good for about .10 in the quarter due to the stiffer sidewalls.

I just put 30x9 Hoosiers on my car and they fit pretty well. I did roll the fender well. The only rubbing I get is when I turn right this is due to the spool in the rear end. I am going to space that tire out about 1/4 inch and should be fine. The side walls on these slicks are much stiffer they seem to hold air pretty well. I forgot one thing I am also running a 4.56 gear so the taller tire really knocks down the gear.

I forgot one more thing I love the way my car looks with these on the back.