Mustang enthusiast, step in


Identity Crisis
Oct 20, 2010
I have a question for you, what is a good forum for clasic mustangs. My oldest brother is a cop and while responding to a domestic dispute (turned out to be nothing) he started talking to the husband and found out its an ugly divorce, yada yada yada, he's selling stuff. My brother happend to see a 71 fastback. Long story short we got a 71 fastback for $2000 :D. It has a brand new interior still wrapped up in plastic, brand new windsor motor never fired, but does needs body work and some frame patches...Anyway, while going through the parts boxes I found a real mach 1/cobra jet shaker hood scoop. It is complete except for the base. My brother isnt into cars and after talking to him he would rather sell it and use the money on something else on the car. I'm just looking for a website for where I could sell some parts and also get some info of this car because I dont know anything about them...Thanks for your help.
Definitely review a few forums. Just like ours they are a wealth of information.

I bought a black/black, mint, 80K mile, garage queen 97 cobra with 03 wheels off a guy for my son's college car for $6K. 19 mpg city and 25 mpg hwy. And the cobra forum has been great. Albeit they don't like us turbo guys for the most part but that's life.