Mustang, that hung and then didn't!


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Aug 20, 2001
Well, I was cruising out to the beach today on the sawgrass when this mustang flew up on my pumper as if to say, "move out of lane" i switched lanes thinking this scrub was going to just cruise by..instead he just began pacing i step on in in over-drive and to my surprise..he was only like a car back and seems to be hanging:confused: ...just to see what would happen i threw into third and we took off again..the difference was huge(like 4-5 cars, me running away):cool: ...never really realized what a difference it makes till today. Any one else out there have a similar experience?? Guess that overdrive gear is reeeaaalllllyyy long?

Good Kill

Good Kill blackshoebox!

That’s surprising about your OD. In my 4L60E, gear ratios are as follows: 1st; 3.06:1, 2nd; 1.62:1, 3rd; 1:1, OD; .70:1. I really don’t notice much difference between punching it in 3rd or 4th, it just downshifts a little quicker if I’m in 3rd. There is also very little difference in running from a dead stop in D or OD. On my trans, D does hold the shift a little longer than OD, but that’s about it.

He probably thought you sprayed him or something on the second run!!! …LOL!!
what have i told you

man, how fast were you going when you raced this kid, if you were anywhere 40-45 mph, slow down just a little bit, and drop the damn thing into 2nd. i tell you what, that car will just pick up and go. still even though you don't know when to shift without a shift light, you should still know when to shift. or when the car start to slow down and stops making power. i hardly wait till the damn light comes on. just turn down the music, and mash the gas. talk to you later.
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Was going about 65-70 mph,when we took off the first time, and about 55-60 the second time, I think this happen to me once before on the highway, and the same thing happened with another mustang..Oh,ya kyle, think im going to get a shift light and i can see what the rpms are doing.

OD and the blahs.

In my SS I have found that the OD gear just kills power. It keeps me under peak torque even with 4.56 gears @ highway cruising speeds (2500-2750 RPM). BUT! If I slip'er into 3rd. And spin'er up to 6000 and then hit OD... the difference is... well... 33% :D

In 3rd @ 6000 with 28" tall tires on I am doing about 107mph. In OD? I can only imagine... theorectically it works out to around 150+ mph. With my 26" tires... it is a much quicker trip to 6000... but the speed attained is less :(

I suppose that is why I bought a TR... it allows me to cruise again (I used to have 3.42s in the SS and the top speed run was fun).

My T will be home soon,