My first significant kill in a hotair TR


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May 23, 2001
This morning as I left for work the air was humid and cool at 58*'s.During warmup as I cruised down the road It would only get up to 160*-165*well I got sunoco 94 in the tank and I am getting 17 lbs of boost with no knock.Well this guy in a built sounding (cam)69 camaro pulls out in front of me up yonder and feeling how good she's runnin I figure why not.Perfect, there is an available position right next to him at the light.So I casually slide in there and give his car a quick inspection,appears to sound like a cammed smallblock with a stick.He had a logo on the back window that said "full throttle racing".Well when the light changed he left me about a carlength behind but she spooled hard, broke tires free and suddenly I was 2 lengths on him and held it for about an eigth mile when there was a car in my lane so I put on my signal and took over his lane.He looked at me at the next light and gave me the"suprised I had my ass handed to me" look.I really felt good after that,I don't understand the fuss about the intercooler on the street cuz a hotair has enough for a street rod if you put a little into her.Don't get me wrong tho cuz I would buy an IC car today If the funds permitted.This non IC should do for now tho.:)
hey do you have times for your car cause it looks alot like whats done to mine except my intake is gutted and you have a nonstock chip,so im sure your car runs good..

good job showin em how a 6 can take care of things !!

I have not made it to the track yet,the closest 1/4 mile is half way across the state from here so I want to make sure all is ok first.Plus I am waiting until it gets a little closer to fall so I can take advantage of the cool air.Near the end of august we should see 50* or lower temps on some nights and september is perfect with things in the 40-50 degree range.My car was sluggish until I added the chip and adjusted the TPS.
Good kill! Now you need to have your hotair excuse ready if the other guy is too cocky. They just love it when you tell them they got beat by one of the early non-IC GNs (Even if there is a big FM behind the grill they never know).