my friend just bought GNX #193.. STOLE it


all show no go
just got back. He got it from south Jersey. This owner got it from Ohio. 7000 miles. PERFECT condition. A stainless kirban exhaust was the only mod. It has the jacket, hat and book as well as ALL the paperwork. I believe it came from Atlanta originally. Owner paid 60k from a dealer in 87.. Perfect under and still smells new. it was at Kirbans last open house last summer.. heres pics.. stole it for $45k.. Twinvipers is gonna have a heart attack lol




turbosam6 said:
Weren't they like $30K new in 87? Why would he have paid $60K?

Regular old gn's were going for over 35k at the end of 87'. Yes dealers made tons of money by marking gn's and gnx's up rediculous amounts of money. I guess if you really wanted one that bad then what the hell? :D
GNX markups

In our part of the country the GNX sticker was about 29k and
the dealer markup was 10K for a 39k price. GN's had no dealer

bye, Ed

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45 large is a pretty decent deal for a low mileage GNX.

South Jersey, huh? With the exception of Herb's GNX, most of them reside in Central and North Jersey.

I remember the local dealers at the time calling the GNX "Instant Classics" and yes, they were marking them up in the $60-75K range.