My friend.

I know exactly how you feel about trying to tell someone about their problem. One of my best friends fell deeply into alcoholism, I said something to him on several occassions, he seemed to heed the advice and would get better, then fall right back. He had his own business that soon went to crap as he was drinking all the time, then he committed suicide at age 39, leaving behind a 9 year old son and 5 year old twins :(
My prayers go out to you fellow TR brother. All you can do is support his family as much as possible thru this time. And hopefully others that need help or if they have friends that need help will read this and heed the warnings so they can save a life.
Sorry to hear. It's never fun to put a brother in the ground. Makes me think, especially since I am looking at that red wine spill on the floor from last night:(
alcoholism and demons

we all have a vise, my aunt was given 2 yrs if she doesn't stop drinking and she won't. hope she does but she won't, my prayers go out to you and hope things go well. for some reason we all take our life for granted at times but never think of the consequences. my aunt is in the hospital now and when she went in had a blood alky level of .36. i told my mom that's near death. we've talked to her and the dr's have talked to her. don't know what the problem is but she just doesn't care it seems.
Mike, all I can say is that I know how you feel. One of the people I used to come and visit since I was 18 passed 3 years ago and I found out just 2 weeks ago. Percy was one of those people that would just walk up to you when you came into the shop and give you a hug if she'd seen you before. I had to go to Fort Worth and decided to say hi. When I walked into the shop some one I didn't know was behind the counter. When I asked where Percy and Steve were he looked at me and said "she died". It took me a minute to figure out what he'd said and then it hit. I sat down in shock. He never knew her but he saw how hard I took it. He called Steve and I got to talk a little to him. Not much comfort but it helped. I'll still buy bike parts from them but it will never be the same for me again.

The loss of someone special will take time but it does work itself out after a while. I hope you can be there for his kids and maybe make their life better and show them more of thier dad then where it ended.