Kent Buckles

Feb 8, 2002
Just a reminder to all who responded to my initial post. This Thursday at 10:30 PM CENTRAL time on SPEED channel! MY GN appears on the Television show "MY CLASSIC CAR". The segment is about the new 1/24 scale GMP diecast GN and my car appears in the studio garage for the entire segment. They open by talking about my GN and the Turbo Buicks in general. Some nice footage of the car was taken. Then they go onto the GMP stuff and even used some of my collection for props. This show is the first of the new season and was just taped last October. Will be interesting to see how it turns out after editing. The show will be shown again Sun 22nd at 10:30 AM, and then on Thurs 26th at 7:30 AM. All times central.:cool:
Red Regal: Actually I have a rare black GN! The only bad thing is they put a little 6 cylinder in mine. They must have ran out of Chevy 305s!;)
It's been on my calendar since you originally mentioned it. The VCR's all warmed up!
My Tivo is waiting. Did you take Dennis Gage out for a handlebar moustache flattening ride in the GN?:D
Congrats! My VCR will be ready to roll at 11:30 p.m. EST. Hope they do you (and us) justice with the coverage. Looking forward to seeing it!
I'm one of the poor people who don't have the Speed channel. Is there a way to get a vhs or dvd copy of this show from them?

BTW... on the website while discussing the show... when they mention a 1987 Grand Sport with the keys dangling from the ignition I hope they are referring to a different model.
cool man thanks for the reminder, i remember reading your other thread but couldnt remember what time, thanks
WOW. Lucky me, I clicked this link at about 11:29 ET. Saw the end of speed racer. GN owners are passionate aren't they?
Very nice car, man! I just wish that they would have spent more than the whopping 11 seconds that they did actually paying any attention to it. Mr. Moustache Man mentioned that we are all 'almost rabid' about these cars, and then he just ignores it like it was nothing. To top it off, I waited through Speed Racer for the show to come, that was the stupidest thing I've ever seen!