My roller cam engine is Running !!!! Yahoo

6 to go

At last, at last! The roller cam engine that Lee Thompson built for me
is finally running!!!!! A long, long story, but it has been down for going on
3 long years and Lee stepped in and bailed me out! I will never forget
this, either. But for Lee, I don't know how I would ever got it built.
My MAF sensor and Translator were stolen in one shop and I am not
sure, but maybe the cam sensor cap, too!. The machine shop messed
up the machining and Lee bailed me out on that as well!
It started up with no hesitation, 65 PSI oil pressure & no leaks
that I can see yet Runs good, takes the throttle with no stumble
or hesitation. I used the cam setup from a LeSabre. No sound from
it either that I can hear now. Super pleased tonight!
I plan to have the car in BG @ the Nats It now has a 3 row AL radiator, Bilstein shocks, S10 brakes,
along with the other goodies under the hood.
I guess this would mean getting a time slip Mark? Even on Street tires.... I figure maybe 12.50 @ 115...
Well, doesn't look like I will get a time slip this year! Did not get her out of the garage
soon enough and with the hot weather - well, I am chicken to drive it to BG. I fund just today
that the IAC was frozen, probably from 3 years sitting and it was causing it to run terrible.
Went to NAPA and guess what, they actually had one in stock! It solved that pb.
Still need to set the TPS and idle speed, it is close enough to drive but needs to be better
for optimum performance, I know