Name Some obscure US Produced Cars Made during the 1970s

I had one of these '79 buick skyhawk roadhawk had a 231v6 & a stick bucket seats. lots of fun would bark 2nd & 3rd, (wonder how it would do with a turbo motor)??


Here's something quite rare...a 1976 GMC Sierra pickup with the "Olympic Edition" package, sold only in Canada to commemorate the 1976 Olympic Games held in Montreal. The code for this option was "ZE2" and can be seen at the bottom left of the "Service Parts Identification" label.
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Link: Olympic Edition
Chevy made some hatchback Nova's that were kind of weird. I remember they sold a tent kit to close in the hatch for camping.
The base Gremlin when it came out in 1970 1/2 had a price of $1995. For that price you only got the front seat, the back seat was optional. Those front seat only Gremmies are pretty rare.
Chevy made some hatchback Nova's that were kind of weird. I remember they sold a tent kit to close in the hatch for camping.

It was also sold by Pontiac as the GTO. A GTO with a hatchback and the optional camping tent. Oh how the mighty had fallen:(
THE REBEL MACHINE I think was 1970
My friends dad owned a rambler amc dealership in Somerville mass.

We got a ride in the rebel & the AMX, sst Javlin.

I think the AMX was 69 so that may not count here.

Still when your 10,11,12 in 69 to 71 and get to ride in these it is a big deal.


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1978 GMC Caballero.. Dont think this was a big hit


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Back in 1975, for one year only, the Chevy Nova was avaliable with the "LN" package. LN stood for "luxury Nova". On the outside it was still a Chevy Nova; on the inside it was a Cadillac.

I had one in high school...had the softest buckets/bench seats I've ever sat on. Plus the doors were decked out in the soft cloth. Also it had all the goodies like floor shift, rear window defogger, twilight sentinel, center console, factory clock, power locks and a 350 cube V8. - Nova LN

Mine had this same interior...same color too...

i'm going to say 1979 Cutlass Salon hatchback with the small v8 :D when I saw one for sale, I thought it was just another Citation based car till i noticed the deep dish Rally wheels (certainly NOT FWD) then found out it was a hatchback o the last generation A-body RWD platform before it became a G body
Laguna S3. Conceived in 1973 but not in production until 1974. Swivel bucket seats for ease of getting in and out. Neighbor of my Aunt had one when I was a kid, I really thought it was cool and wanted one. Still remember it 30 some years later.
As mentioned the Gremlin wasn't really obscure, but years ago a guy used to cruise one that was 401 4 speed with Levi denim interior, I've never seen another one

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speaking of oddball 70's cars.. I had a 76 Pinto with a factory 2.8 v6 in it. Fun car

A "FlyinPinto" would have been perfect for you. It was called a Mizar.

Cross between a 66 Cessna and a 71 Pinto... Never went into production though!


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The '77 Chevy Monza Mirage. I went to school with a kid that had one with a 305/4speed.


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Another neat gem. The 1979 Chrysler 300.


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How could anybody forget the Street Kit Car package for the '78 Plymouth Volare? I seem to remember the rims being 15x8 on these.


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