Neat story about the PINKS race in KC


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Here in Cincinnati, there is a local website called It's mostly for Stangs, but I frequent over there often. Even though they own Mustangs, they are still good people;) The owner of the board, Vinny, died this winter at the age of 37 of a heart attack shoveling the snow off his driveway. He left a wife and a daughter behind.

Some of his friends decided to build a car for Pinks in his name. If they won, the plan was to sell both cars at auction and donate the money to the family he left behind.
Here is the write up from the local news in KC | 08/11/2007 | Drag racers put it all on the line on reality TV to help out a family
Thats a cool story!!! Can't wait to see the episode even though I know who will win. Sometimes things happen the way there supposed to. Sad to go so young.:frown: