Need A Few Body Bushings


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May 26, 2001
looking for a few body bushings but dont want to buy a whole kit. this is what i need can anyone help out? Brian maybe i can get them from you. dont need the whole kit.

2- #7 Uppers
1- #6 Lower
2- #4 Uppers
1- #4 Lower
1- #3 Lower
1- #2 Lower

i have most if not all of these bushings but i will need the color codes on the side of the bushings to match them up such as yellow-green, yellow- purple on the uppers etc......let me know how much is a fair price for these items.....Dave
awsome please let me know. These are new ones correct? the only chart i have is a picture of them. my car is missing all these so i dont know what there coded. i sent you an email with the picture i have of them.