Need a map for turbo


RIP Charlie!
Like it says, I need a map but it's for 2 different turbos. Can someone post a map of the stock 86-87 turbo and (hopefully) a 301 turbo. I need a comparison for the PITA project I'm doing.
Unfortunately, they do not exist to the public.
Neither one.

The stock '86/'87 turbo was a Garrett part TBO-348.
Not sure on the '81 Pontiac Turbo T/A 301's turbo.
Might want to try to contact Garrett direct and see if they will share those maps with you.

I'd try this email first.

Good luck

found this while searching:

ww w. turbobuick. com/forums/turbos-turbo-related-parts/247569-stock-tbo348-compressor-map. html

I can't post urls, so you'll have to copy, paste and delete the spaces