Need another transmission rebuild


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Hey looking to have my trans rebuilt need something that will last more than 3 minutes i just had one done and it lasted 3 minutes i have a warranty but if you cannot get right 2 times forget it i live in central california fresno nobody knows about these cars here and nobody knows how to build a trans here i own 2 87 gn and my brother owns a 87 gn and a 86 ttype i also have a 93 typhoon we need help were up **** creek here we have used hye tech performance in the past but it cost 600 for the tow there and back im looking to have 2 transmissions rebuilt both cars have a te44 turbo, 50# injectors +alky, 3in down pipe, port and polished heads,cam im looking for something that i can still take on trips 150 -200 miles and maybe a little track time i dont know much about stall right know i have a 2800 stall in 1 and 3200 in the other will it hurt a transmission that has 3200 stall if i take it on a 200 mile trip and i also need help tuning all these cars my whife says in addicted to grand nationals and shes right
one of the best trans guys is not far from you.

call Bruce @ PTS extreme,

PTS Xtreme
9472 Dillard Rd
Wilton CA. 95693

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Either are close to you and will build you a solid trans.

If you dont mind getting a little dirty and doinhg your own slave labor you'le save a lot.