need astro roof glass


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Jan 27, 2006
Does anyone make these where do i start looking?? I can't belive this s---!!!!! :mad:
don't get me started

Some things are better unsaid! Is was just one of them things that was just ment to happen. I keep saying that to keep from loosing my mind. if you have one i'll pay the shipping by UPS. how much for the glass??
Sorry Eric. I wasn't trying to be nosey. I am looking into getting an astro car and i didn't want to run into the same problem. Sorry to hear about the roof.
Could you go to a local moonroof shop? I have an astroroof and never really thought about where to get a replacement one. Let me know what you find.
I have a moonroof in my car, and I never paid much attention to the shape of the glass. But I would expect any good windshield shop to be able to come up with something, maybe not out of stock, but in a few days, anyway.
Remember there was a factory moonroof and a dealer installed one. Is the glass the same??????????
I thought all astro roofs where factory

Well I guess i'll check the local glass shops tomorrow, But the factory and dealer installed has got me really nervese as a longed tailed cat in a room full of rocking chair :confused: s.
Email Brian at G body parts, he may have a good used glass that he can sell you.

It would depend upon how he disassembles them since the whole package unbolts and would be easier to sell.

However he may just have a spare glass there, I believe the same ones were used in the Rivieras and perhaps other Buicks and GM cars in the day.

A junkyard might be an alternative source.

Shouldn't be as painful to find one in good shape as compared to installing it. :eek:
You will be able to tell factory from aftermarket pretty easily if you have ever seen a reg. G-body with headliner out. Factory has beefier inner structure that is actually stamped and welded into the inner roof. Aftermarket is usually just a hole cut with a big tray but no reinforcement to the roof.
I was going to say try but just checked and they don't have it listed, you may still want to call them as they have a lot of parts and contacts it seems. Might still be worth a try if it is aftermarket.
Otherwise try the above suggested sites or the junkyard. Junkyard will be around $35 - $50.