Need DS file tuning help


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May 24, 2001
Have replaced cracked headers with a set of Poston's and still have knock even at 13#. More boost = more knock. Everything looks OK mechanically to me, but the A/F ratio looks screwy on DS - it goes way rich then comes back up and levels off, and the knock does not seem to be O2 or RPM related. I do have both polyurethane motor mounts installed if that makes a difference.

If someone would care to review the DS files, I sure would appreciate it!

Mods include:
THDP & test pipe, Poston's headers, Hooker cat back exhaust
Ultra-Flo mufflers
TE-44 turbo
37# Delphi injectors w/PTE 93 chip
Adjustable FP regulator set to 43#
Red's XP pump and hotwire kit
160 thermostat
K&N filter
MAF Translator
Paul Ferry polyurethane motor mounts (both sides)

Thanks in advance.