Need help w/87 GN project car


New Member
Sep 20, 2010
Just joined and this looks like just the place for me. I bought a project car, AC was removed (I have the parts) and Powermaster may not be running (hard brake pedal and idiot light is on). Any suggestions on a shop that I can flatbed it to and get it straightened out? I'd guess within 20-25 miles of Chicago would be ok. It already has a lot of old school upgrades, and it does start and run.So, I'd basically like to get it street worthy, ac back in, then look at new performance upgrades. Since the season is wrapping up, I'm in no great rush.
Welcome to the Darkside, I am in the Western suburbs. There are a lot of local guys here that are more than willing to help. The best thing for you to do is try to learn and start working on your car your self, we are all here to help you. If you insist on paying someone then that's your call and I can put in touch with the right person.