Need help with using MSD Sync Distributor w/SEFI8LO



We’re planning on using a new MSD Adjustable Sync Signal Billet Distributor on a recent project with a SEFI8LO. The MSD is wired very similar to an MSD 8570, however it now has a sync signal integrated into the distributor. Please see reference link below.

Reference Link:

We’re planning on using this layout for sequential operation, the biggest question is the wiring of the SEFI8LO. At present, I’m assuming we would wire the distributor as listed below:

Distributor Wiring:
Crank Sensor Wire Colors
Red (Mag+)------------Black (Mag-)
Terminal A------------Terminal B
Violet/Black------------Orange/Black <-- Wires off of 2345.

Then followed by the Green/Violet sync signal provided on the distributor itself, the SEFI8LO instructions say to use Mag+/Mag- again?

Now would this be Violet/Black (from 2345) to SEFI8LO A3 CRK+ (A) White, then the Orange/Black to SEFI8LO B3 (CRK RTN) (B) Black?

Followed by the sync signal Green (from 2345 sync sensor) to SEFI8LO C3 CAM+ (A) White, then Violet to SEFI8LO D3 CAM RTN (B) Black.

It is possible my wiring diagram is outdated, as I’m finding no reference to Red/Black, only Black/white wires. (Although in one of the harnesses, we have black and red fed by two separate shielded runs)

Next issue is the MSD 6 Digital Plus (or 6A series) ignition, MSD indicates using the Violet/Black and Orange/Black is fed into they’re Mag +/- connector. Does the SEFI8LO interrupt this fed, or is the SEFI8LO feeding the MSD 6 Digital plus? It is quite possible my layout is far from accurate, so any help would be highly appreciated.