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Ok, I got a ME 16 postion chip to match my 009 injectors and it seems to run real well, but it doesn't. I am not sure on how to tune this chip. It says to take the IAC out to 0, so I did this with my other chip in so I could see it, but now my AF is reading in the 09-10 range. Seems real high. I started with the FP on the low side of the instructions and set the thumbwheel to 4, middle fuel 18*timing, and it ran real well for a while then my friend came over and it wouldn't hardly run. I took the plugs out and they were black(pig rich?), put in some decent used ones and it ran good for a while. I have be running around town on the 2 setting now and the plugs look decent. All that I am tuning with is a scanmaster. My engine set up is stock long block, 009s, te64, ATR deltagate, 3.5 maf, translator and a pte frontmount. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to tune this.


The thumbwheel fuel settings are for wide open throttle only and do not affect idle or cruise. You say the airflow shows 9-10? If thats at idle, its way too high (unless the idle speed is high). I would imagine Steve has the idle speed set around 800-900. At that speed, the af should probably read about 5-6gps. If your idle speed is ok and it still reads 9-10gps, then you need to adjust your translator settings to get the af down. Try and set the MAF base to 10% lean and see if it brings your af down.
If you get the af down and its still rich, then you probably need to adjust the idle fuel down some.
I'm running a max16 with a translator and 3.5" sensor for some 40# injectors right now in my car. I had to tweak the translator because my af only showed 3 at idle. I set the maf base to a richer setting and the af came up to 5-6 and it works great now.



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Is the ME burned to work in conjunction with the Translator? If not, then Steve Y. will have to burn a new chip.

Shoot him an e-mail. He will reply to ALL of your e-mails (sometimes several in one day), until the problem is solved. His customer support is awesome! :)


Still lookn' for a recipe
OK, so what do I do know???
Send you the chip to be reburned??
Please help, will the car ever run right with the chip not being for a translated MAF?? I ran in to another problem the other night. I thought that I would to take it to the track to help me get it tued in and not get arrested in the process. On one of my passes the car bucked and popped at mid track so I let out after the pass I looked at the SM and it said that there was no detonation. What do you guys make of this.



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Mine did the same thing last time out. It pretty much shut the car off for a few seconds part of the way through 2nd gear, but then got going again. I thought I blew it up! I just guessed that maybe the temp was too cold and the ME shut if off.. It never did it again but I made sure the temp was circulating good b4 I made another run..

I'm kinda curious myself...