Need Serious Help With Dieng Car!


Someone help me?
May 27, 2001
Alright, my 85 GN is a dieng shame. The car seems to be running off the battery mainly so it starts backfiring loosing acceleration then dieng totaly. Today my brother has it out in my School parking lot and to my suprise it needed to be Jumped. We get the thing jumped, start on our way home and it starts backfiring a little and loosing its acceleration then we pull off and it dies. Get another jump and start trying to get home and it almost dies before we can pull into a gas station. So for the past week (only driving it once before this when we had the problem) we figured it was the alternator. So we call the local parts place and have them deliever a new alternator. We put it in, charge up the car in the parkinglot and go, and it dies halfway home, charge it again, drive 4 more mins and it dies in my driveway. Question is, do you think it will work after I charge up my battery, for good? Any other suggestions?
Iam not to good at this but i guess you should try another bat, and check the fuse's. Maybe it killed you bat for good try a buddys or something before you buy one.

I've had this happen before and I feel really stupid for it too... a long time ago...

Check the wire that runs from the back of the alternator to the positive post on the bat... mine had a horribly corroded connection and no juice from the alt was getting to the bat and wahlah... there you have it.. cost me a new alt and bat when it was a 10 cent connector.......

ALSO: when you turn the key first on, before you start the car... check to make sure the VOLT idiot light on the dash is on. The retarded Buick engineers wired the idiot light in to the charging circuit.. so what that means is that if the bulb for the idiot light is burned out... the bat won't charge... stupid, I know.


Drew H. Carlton
'85 GN, 11.912 @ 112.8, NO IC, NO SPRAY, DAILY DRIVER