Need some rims but can't figure out the site.


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Ok, I still don't understand the page with the widened rims on

I need 2 10" steel GN rims. They're 235 each. But there's a 150 dollar core charge per rim. So then why is the total 650 when I put two rims in the cart? Where's the 180 dollars come from? 180 dollars isn't one or two core charges, nor is it shipping either... And then when does the core add on? I'm afraid to go on any further in the purchasing process because of it adding on shipping and the core charge. Not sure I want to front 991 dollars for two rims that cost 235 dollars each... Can someone please clarify this website for me? I need these asap. It's very confusing.
I would try and email Brian direct on that one so it doesn't get messed up or possibly get him on the phone.
Steel wheels will no longer be offered by Orders we have now will be completed & no more will be rebuilt. We appreciate the support over the years.
Whew! LUCKY I got some when I did. I LOVE the aluminums but they're too satin to look factory to me. I'll take the weight over the non stock look :) DAM I got lucky. Thanks Brian!!