need stall for new set up


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
i just got a rx7 with a gn motor, it has a te60 on it now but iam looking to go to a 63 or 70 turbo, i was told the cars wt is 2600 with the driver. I will have a th350 trans.

Does any body know what size stall i can get that will work out to be like a 3200-3500.

thanks for any help
any body, i dont want to get a 3500 stall for a small block and it be to small or bigger, iam just looking to get around a 3500
Damn! I knew you would get it;) Send me some pics man! E-mail me if you want the hook-up on a nice newby for your 350. Nice price to go with it!
I have a freshly rebuilt/restalled Art Carr 8" convertor for a TH350. Was previously 4500rpm stall.... now 3500rpm.

list $1099

$750 plus shipping