Neutral safety switch

Jeff Rand

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I am installing a gated shifter (turbo action) and I would like to hook up the neutral safety switch. I think the wire that is attached to the small post on the starter is the one I need to tap into but I am not sure where it is located in the car. Can anyone help.
just run a pair of wires to the neutral safety switch on the column under the dash- it is the square plug with two wires going to it. just unplug it and run a pair of wires from the shifter up to that plug. i forget the wire colors, but that is the plug in the upper left side of the pic.
you can also do the same thing to get the reverse lights working- they are a flat plug with two wires going to it on the same switch on top of the column. that plug goes to the two wires on the right side of this pic.

all you need is a few flat male spade connectors, some wire, and about 5 minutes to do it right. no wires are cut- so it's easy to reverse later if you want to go back to stock.
Thanks for the info. You just made my life a lot easier. I am not the best with wiring but with your guidance I think I can now handle this project.
people like to make stuff like this way too complicated- it's so much easier to just use the stock wiring as much as possible.
I put a B&M in my Regal, cut and lengthened the stock wires from the stock neutral safety switch (and reverse lights) down to the B&M, and they don't work. I have a chiltons manual so I got the colors right, but still having trouble. Anyone else overcome this problem?

What's that 5th plug on the switch for?
Purple wires are for starter, green wires are back-up lights, the single terminal is for the P/N input to the ecm (I think)