New 18" GNX wheels with a 285/40/18 Nitto NT05R installed (test fit)

I sent the 3 samples that were at bates, 18x8, 18x9, 19x9.5
to Rick Elam @ Baer brakes,
he is determining what brake package will fit properly,
hopefully we will hear from him soon!
A 13 inch rotor will fit in the front and you can run either a 4 or 6 piston caliper depending on your needs.
Their rear brake kit will fit just fine as well.
Feel free to hit me up for prices.
Toby were there any rubbing issues with the fronts?

18x8 no. 18x9 I have some inner fender liner rubbing. My car is lowered a bit too. But I have plans to lower a bit more. In addition I am running over 5* of caster and the wheel is kicked back quite a bit. I need to get a set of each and get the car on the alignment rack, set the ride height and see where we are with things. Right now waiting on the wheels.
I was definitely impressed with the wheels at the Nats. It is amazing how times have changed when you look at a 18 or 19" and they look small, until you see it next to a 16" Trans Am wheel. I am even happy with the price of the set listed on the website. Now once a baseline on the tire sizes are set, I am ready to order. For those that are taking the time to sort out what fits and how you got them to fit, thank you very much.