New 340 Pump not working??


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Jun 11, 2009
Installed my new 340 pump from Racetronix per the instructions. Went to fire and nothing, no sound, no nothing. I removed the unit from the tank, checked all connection. I used a voltmeter to make sure I had power from the harness into the sending unit, then checked the + lead on the pump and it had power?? Checked all grounds but I'm out of ideas??? Any type of priming required???
BTW: I'm still uing the factory harness until I get this fixed then I'm installing the hotwire kit.
If you have checked the actual pig tail that plugs into the pump body and verified the red side has 12VDC and the black has continuity to ground (verify with test light) I'd bench check the pump on a vise.
2 of the wires were crossed. I thought I had it right by the directions but I guess not.