New 6766 Turbo/ATR downpipe/external wastegate/header package


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Jun 1, 2001
I have a complete turbo set up that I want to sell. The turbo is a 6766 billet wheel that is fresh from Bison. The downpipe is an ATR stainless v band DP and the wastegate is a Precision 39mm. The driver side header is a stock unit that is modified for the external gate and the passenger side header is aftermarket. This set up is 100% bolt on and can easily support 9 second power. $1650 plus shipping for the complete set up ready to bolt on and go(please add 3% or send as a gift if using PayPal)


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Hi are these parts still available???Pls lmk if possible i have sent u several pm's with out a response from u, not trying to give u a hard time just want to know if i should keep insisting or if i should move on. Thanks.