New 81-87 Rear Quarter Panel Repair Patch Panels


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You can see by the pictures the great amount of detail done to create these. The lower stampings under the quarter panel is exact as on your Buick. We have sold a lot of these over the years.
We are having these installed professionally at a body shop to get an un biased input. Once approved they should be read in 75-90 days.
Four tools built for just these parts. Then we sell these parts to re-invest into more tools like the arch. I wish we had the $ to just build a whole car but we have to do it in baby steps. Trying to get 1 item to pay for the others.
Hi Brian,

we spoke over email a while back and you told me you have the inner wheel tubs available, and were working on the outer wheel tubs.

Are they available yet?

Adrian just the inners are done. What will happen is the outer wheel housing & then the out side center top Quarter panel patch will be built. Then the full quarter panel will be built.
what is the price on the rear patch panels for both sides both front and rear sections? message me on facebook under steven coffman.
Any feedback from the bodyshop?
Yes but I am having a heck of a time posting here & my PM resonses. We placed an order today for 150 sets. Should get built packaged & delivered in 75-90 days. I tried up loading an image & said invalid. So I have to come back & edit.Not surte what is going on. I will have the pics when they are on my site. With the shops feed back. You can e-mail me & I can send you the feed back & pics as well.
Brian, Will you be at Bowling Green and will you be bringing all of your new parts with you?

Yes we will be at BG & bringing new Parts. We were hoping to have new complete tail lights but it will not be ready in time.