NEW AC Delco A/C Condensor


Jul 4, 2004
This is the large finned piece in front of the radiator as the pic shows.

It is new a new GM A/C delco part, still in the sealed vacuum wrapper. I am restoring a car, and this one was shipped to me with a couple bent fins. Nothing that would affect operability, and there is a clsoe up of it, but I want the car perfect as I don't really plan on driving it much at all once done - it will just bug me personally to know its there.

Offering it up for sale here first if someone is interested, part will ship in its original a/c delco box, was slid out for picture purposes.

GM List is $393. Asking $250+shipping or best offer. Chance to save big because of my pickiness and a couple little crushed fins here and there.... (note, the bent fin parts are on the backside that will face the radiator as well....)


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To clarify, this is the correct GM replacement part for a condensor, but a slightly different design than the original to help make r134 work more efficiently.... thus the term "new GM" rather than "NOS" which would have been the old design...