New and Improved cam bearings?


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Any input and the cam bearings the TA Perf. sells?
I don't know much about them.
Also,is the drilling and reclocking of the cam bearings,still the way to go.This would be on stageII/race only application.
Maybe the TA bearings come with smaller oil holes??
Cam brgs Stage 2

The oiling on the stage 2 is entirely different than the production system.:)
The stage has the oil galleys divorced from the lifter bores and the lifters are run "dry' unless the feed holes have been drilled thru the lifter bores into the oil galley.. [Necessary if the engine has hyd. lifters, or the rockers are pushrod fed.]

The reason to reclock the prod. brgs is to reduce the hemmorage that the huge holes in the sides of the dr. lifter bores allow.

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Chuck, If the blocks oil gallies need to be tapped for oil to pass into the lifter bores what size hole is needed?

Austin, actually the individual lifter bores are drilled from the side above the cam. They are drilled from one side thru both sides so that the drill breaks thru into the oil gallery running parallel to the cam. The hole is recommended to be 1/8". You then tap the hole that's to the inner side, [closest to the C/L of the block[, and plug it w/ a allen set screw w/ loc tite on it.

This can be visualized as seeing the lifter bore as a beer can and you are drilling thru both sides and then plugging 1 back up!!:D

This is necessary only if the block you get was never drilled. Some were not as the rockers were fed thru the shaft [T&D] via an external oil line from either the ft or rear main pressure feed boss, to the end of the heads.[STAGE 2 heads ONLY]
The Jesel, paired rockers, were fed thru the p.rods, thus requiring the lifter drilling deal.:cool:

HTH, For a REAL explanation, w/ fotos, plse consult the BUICK Power Manual. All the details are there.

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The TA Perf cam bearings all have one hole (even the front one). They are grooved on the back side so they can have any orientation (ie the hole in the bearing doesn't have to line up with the hole in the block) and still feed the journal. See a pic here: bearing.jpg

Looking at the pictures of how stage blocks oil the cam journals, seems like these bearings would be easier to set up than the standard cam bearings. But I don't really know that to be a fact...

Austin, Those are the same bearings that Hooper put in my stage 2 motor after the cam walked the first time.:eek: I had to buy two sets of them because the stage motor cam bearings are the same size unlike the stock block i'm told. See ya at the track soon i hope. Later Tim
Stage 2 cam brgs

FWIW, the bearings in the stage 2 can be bought seperately under the clevite #1360. DO NOT order them as a set. You will get a set of staggered sizes. Order individual pieces. CV products in Charlotte, sells them.

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Cleviter cam brgs

John they are the brgs made by CLEVITE. They were made and sold to be used in STAGE engines many yrs ago. [ASA, BUSCH]

I know of no connection to the T/A perf. brgs, unless Mike has bought them and is reselling them as a T/A brg.