New ArizonaGn Large Neck Intercooler

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Sep 24, 2001
New AZGN large neck intercooler mod

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A couple of my customers with stock GN's want me to upgrade their card for more street performance to keep up with some of the newer performance cars and keep it rather stock looking and drivable without "hurting" their budget too bad!

The 2 significant upgrades from stock is more air into the engine, and less restriction out for the exhaust.

So a less restrictive intercooler and a 3" downpipe are basic performance upgrades, but current intercooler choices are VERY expensive.

I called Kenny D. about purchasing his intercooler castings, but they are no longer being produced.

We then decided to do our own version of a complete new neck as we wanted it to be less restrictive than with the old version of welding on a casting.

The entire neck was removed and we fabricated a new neck with a cast outlet for less restriction.

These are more expensive to build over just welding on a neck, but even at $275 plus core exchange, and a transition hose, it is a worthwhile basic upgrade.

Oh, I left the one pictured un-painted to make the mods and construction more visible.

When Boost231 walked through my garage the other day he named it the "nick neck" intercooler! :)
How much of an improvement over a duttneck? Convince me I'm interested :)
New AZGN large neck intercooler mod


Ever since seeing the Kenny D. neck for less restriction years ago. The question that i have had is if the inlet is a restriction than why wouldn't the outlet be a restriction also? Just curious as to why it would't be better to have both the inlet and outlet be less restrictive than the factory made them. Kind of like looking at down pipes and exhaust systems and Air inlet pipes they are made the same size on both ends.
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I believe the inlet is the restriction because of the sharp 90 bend. The outlet not so much do to the fact there is no sharp bend.
How do I get my hands on one?
Are they available to us common folks?.an what if my core has a fan rub,does this effect cost?