New best!!


fixing something
Sep 29, 2002
Went to the track today, ran a new best of 10.61@129.67! Still at 23lbs. Only got two runs due to a LR tire going flat.. 1.88 sixty foot time, spun alot!! I still think the Ghost has alow ten in her!! Might have to wait until next year.:frown:
Dang 10.61 with a 1.88 60'??? You get it to hook and she gonna FLY.
nice runs!!!!!!!!!! i see a 10.30 in the future for u come spring. assuming u can get a 1.50-1.60 60'
I'm thinking Santa is bringing some slicks for Christmas!!! No sense of turning up the boost more till it hooks.... I'm also thinking about ditching the manual trans-brake for an electric one. 1-2 shift is at 4800!! Needs to be at 6100. Getting there, I might have the stage engine done for next year. Phil.