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May 10, 2009
[/ATTACH]Tonight was the night. I made the 11 second club at Palm Beach International Raceway with an 11.93 @ 115.23
60' 1.86 could have been better
330' 5.0
1/8 7.7
MPH 92.3
1000' 9.9
1/4 11.92
MPH 115.23
I know there is more to come but I had very low knok, 2.6, on my first run and more on the next 2 and I let off both runs to avoid #@&*$%boom.
But I'm happy with the run, I still have a lot to learn.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


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congrats, lets get you knock issue taken care of and get you a better 60 foot. you will be in the 11.50 range in no time :)
Congrats. how many pounds of boost were u running. Palm Beach is my home track aswell.
Well done!! I like that color mixed with those wheels btw. With a better 60 and maybe a Lil work on that tune to get rid of the KR I see 11.40 in ur future
Congrats Flash,

I know you have so many 12.0 time-slips but this 11-sec one trumps all. There is so much still there that this is just the beginning of lots of 11-sec timeslips. Goldie is rolling out for sure and you know what they say: " if you want your car to run fast.... paint it gold."

Thanks Shevy, I already miss "Goldy" but I'll be back soon. "Paint it Gold!!!!!!"
Congrats. how many pounds of boost were u running. Palm Beach is my home track aswell.
Thanks kindly. Lots of time and effort and a slow learning curve for me but it was sweet. I was running 22lbs of boost and wanted to run more but I had %&**$#KNOCK. But thanks and see you there some cool night.:cool:

I suspect the knock might have been from whatever came loose in the tranny, hopefully once that is rectified we can turn it up a little more and really see what ole' Goldy has in it.


The good weather is almost back dude, put your car together and get that 10 sec timeslip already, it has been a while man. hahaha.