New company building forward drums?


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Dec 10, 2002
Some guys on this forum found out from a core supplier where I was having my drum cores shipped to a few years ago to have the first op performed.Obviously they are all being done here now and not there.I think it was wrong on the part of the core supplier and the persons who asked them from this forum for the info.So Barry from powertrain recycling you can hang your head in shame if you have any,but its apparent you dont have any. So heres what happened.The core supplier phoned my old machinist and asked him if he would make the drums for him so he could sell to my customers.My old source told them that he couldnt do it because of confidentiality etc.If anyone wants to make them I think they should do it there own way instead of copying how we did it.No I didnt copy the Bruce or Mclay design ,ours is a different way and one of the machining processes is under patent by the old company.Go ahead and make them,just do it your own way.I promise my new machine will crank them out twice as fast as the old way.Lets start a price war,Ive got room to play with the minute someone else comes out with them.Nice try.I will compete with anyone who tries to make them,thats the beauty of the free market.
I don't think anyone on this forum or anywhere else questions the quality of ur products. They are proven time and time again. That guy sounds like a schmuck anyway...
Dayum Chris, did you patent them or apply for one as a unique update? I hope you did and I'd nail the sucker if you could.