New crossover pipe


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Jun 1, 2001
I have a new one piece crossover pipe I would like to sell. I bought this crossover years ago to replace the dented factory one on my T Type but never got around to putting it on. Its new and has never been installed or ran. $95 plus shipping. Pics coming soon.
This is a stainless steel crossover. I can't remember where I bought this from but I think I got it from Kirbans. When I looked on Kirban's site they are $125.

It is factory sized which I believe is 2.25" and the size is consistant all the way thru(no necked down areas). I bought this for a T-Type that I had that had a dented stock crossover but the T-Type went 10.41 before I got around to changing it out so I decided that apparently the dent but no hurting it much!