New CVT transmission



I think about swapping my old unefficient Buick transmission with a whole new "power branched" tranmission that works infinitely variable and is even more efficient over the whole range! You can boost the engine without using the brakes and it keeps the engine always in the range of the highest output. Which means: A way better acceleration!

Excellant idea. I have spent some time researching this new technology. It works on the same principle as a snowmobile. Saturn will be using it on thire 135 HP model. It use special "belt". It is not strong enough to use behind thier 180 HP model. Someday they may perfect it for high performance applications, for now, it's a dream.:cool:
No, it's a whole different tranmission. They use it for tractors with up to 260 HP and 750 pound feet of torque! It can handle as much torque as you want! Such a belt type transmission is not able to do this. But Audi has such a transmission (with a chain) that is built in in high torque Diesel engines, too. Well Audi is the technology leader.
The power branched transmission may still be better than such a "limited CVT" belt or chain type transmission. Because it's completely infenitely variable!
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Judging by the diagram in the link it is a hydrostat transmission. That is nothing new in the field of heavy equipment ( even some lawn mowers have this type). They have been using them in track loaders for years. The enigine is coupled to a hydraulic pump and the output of that pump runs through a series of valves to a couple of hyd. motors attached to the final drives of the machines. You move a flow control valve to adjust speed of the hyd motors. Works well for low RPM engines and high torque but I am uncertain if it could be made to work with engine speeds up to 5-6000 RPM. -Chuck
Your good man! But that's not a normal hydrostat! It's the award winning patented "Vario" transmission of Fendt! It works very efficient because they found a way to swing the axial piston pump 45 degrees! You probably never heard of Fendt - it's a company that is usually 5 years ahead.
It's just to show you how a power branched transmission works. The electrical version looks the same way.