New e-85 setup. Track runs and powerlogger


May 25, 2001
I made it to the track with my new e-85 setup (80's, walbro 340, TA60-1, WB, PL). I am new to the power logger and attached one of my runs below.

I was pleased with how the car performed. The last run of the night I had it up to 25 pounds or so and leaned out the fuel by changing the blm to 122 .

Ended up with 12.5@110 with a 1.96 60' time. It pulled real hard and felt pretty good. (best 60" of the night was 1.78).

I attached the PL file from that last pass. Before I head back to the track I would appreciate any input to the tune. It looks like it is nice and safe, only like 1* knock in 3rd gear that goes away.

The O2 from my WB was around 720 or so in 3rd gear. My car has always liked to be on the lean side. Where would you go with the tune?

I am using the TT v6.1 wideband correction chip with target AFR of 11.5 (had it at 10.8 but my car bogged like crazy).

Thanks a ton. Hopefully with get an 11 second pass here within the next few trips, I just installed my RJC 3" downpipes, so that should help me pick up a few mph. I still have stock valvesprings, which may be holding me back.

The run starts at about 42 second mark/frame 670/1074 or so.


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Got to the track tonight. New RJC downpipe and dump installed, fit like a glove.

I turned the boost up a bit and ended up at 27 pounds, with creep up to 29. I have to port the wastegate hole.

11.9 @115. 1.79 60" time. 0 knock. (last week I went 12.5 @110. 1.96 60" time. Stock downpipe and 25-26 pounds).

I set target AFR at 11.5 in 1st and 2nd and 11.1 in 3rd. It was getting lean in 3rd gear at the start of the night and was getting some 1-2* knock retard at the end of the track. Fattening it up a bit in 3rd seemed to help. O2 was around 750 in 3rd.

I just can't believe how much boost you can run on e-85! Its insane!

Here is one of my PL files from the night. Anyone willing to offer some input would be appreciated. It seems like on the top end it is really needing more fuel? My injector pulse width inches up near 100%? It is around 80% for most of the run.

Thanks for all the help.


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You ran out of fuel pump. A Walbro 340 is a 255lph pump, which will get you to about 115mph on E85, give or take. Once you got over 25psi, you didn't have enough fuel pump volume. You could add a volt booster to help out, or limit boost to 25psi, and increase timing to add power. You could also run a leaner mixture to reduce fuel consumption, say 11.5 AFR instead of 11.0.
Otherwise you'll need to put a higher flowing pump in there.
I agree with eric. Time for more fuel. I would also data log fuel pressure imop
Thanks for the tips.

I will put in a volt booster and try to get the boost under control a bit. I fattened it up in 3rd (AFP to 11.1) thinking that it would get rid of some knock, thats when it looks like I ran out of pump. Guess I will turn down boost a bit like you said and lean it back closer to 11.5.

Prob a good idea to data log fuel pressure too.

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Great Run! I agree with needing more fuel pump. If you had a cowl mount mechanical fuel pressure gauge you would probably see the needle fluttering badly at full boost. I had the same problem until I switched to a double pumper. You could also reduce your ET by switching to a different torque converter if you want to go that way with the car and want to spend the money.
Brian, thanks for the info. Next step is to have my trans rebuilt by Jimmys trans in chicago and add a 9.5" TC. I figure its just a matter of time before the stock trans gives out.

Not sure I am going to add a fuel pressure gauge, but I will prob buy a transducer so I can data log fuel pressure on the PL.
Great results, looks like you are on the path to success!!! I am not able to view you P/Log pics for some reason? Can you help me there??
Thanks for the tips.

I put in the volt booster and got 15.2 volts at full throttle. I ported the wastage hole to 1.1" and got rid of the boost creep in 3rd gear, was able to control boost to a steady 27 pounds or so. Leaned it out a bit to 11.5 and 11.3 in 3rd. Everything seemed to work great, injector pulse width was about 80% in 3rd.

Next time I might try to up the timing a bit to see if I can squeeze out a few more mph.

Got my new best run 11.8 @115, 1.73 60" time.

Thanks again for the tips.
You are doing a good job! Cant go wrong with Jimmy's tranny. I beat the dog snot out of mine and it keeps shifting hard.... (knocking on wood)
Trbogn could you post or pm me your 12.5/110 timeslip? I have a very similar setup and that's pretty much what I did last time at the track. I'm also working out some fueling issues and adding a duttweiler neck and 3" dp so I'll be pretty happy if that gets me to 115 mph too. Thanks.
Monte, here are the 4 timeslips from that trip. I started at 18 pounds and ended at 25 pounds to get the 12.5 @110. That was with stock dp with open dump and ported elbow.


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Thank you that is helpful. I have nearly identical timeslips and setup on my car and some were suggesting it was broken but your progress gives me hope that I'm on the right track to get it sorted out.
Made it to track tonight for a few runs. I just installed my hrparts rear sway bar and lower control arms and removed the front sway bar. Got a 1.62 60" and a new best et!! It felt like a rocket, most of my prior 60" times have been in the 1.8 range. Car really squatted and took off with about 7 pound launch. My motor torque strap mount ended up breaking, so I called it an early night, didn't want to rip up my stock motor mounts. Glad to finally be able to launch!

11.7 @ 115, 1.62 60", 27 pounds boost.

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I have been getting a few PMs about my combo and times, figure I will just post the progress in this thread. I made it to the track again tonight and got a few new best runs. The best of the night was 11.55 @ 117 with 1.63 60" Attached are the two best runs.

I bumped up the boost about a pound to 29 and increased timing like 1.5* in 1st/2nd and 1* in 3rd. And it was about 50 degrees out which helps. I was able to launch pretty decent now with the new suspension upgrades, so that probably helped a bit too.