"NEW" GNS DDI DASH! (Digital Dash Interface)

scot w.

Feb 19, 2005
It's called the "GNS Digital Dash Interface" and it is completely 98% (Plug & Play) except for the power supply that will have to be plugged into the fuse box and a ground wire ran.

View Running Power Logger
PowerLogger on GNS  DDI Dash.jpg

View Running XFI:
XFI on GNS DDI Dash.jpg

View on I-Phone:
Power Logger on I-Phone.jpg

We have been testing this project now for several weeks on a customers car and all we can say is this thing looks & works Awesome! We are currently working with one of the Top computer manufactures to become a dealer and to build us a propitary tablet specifically designed for us and this application plus we have a company making us the proper connectors & cords to run this properly in the dash...

We have spoke with Bob Bailey on resizing the screen of his PL so it fit's properly, We are also working on swapping the colors around on the PL "gauge panel" screen so that it has a black background with colored gauges.

This will be sold as a complete kit and not separated! The GNS DDI dash will also be sold as a complete package with XFI or Powerlogger. (Pricing not applicable yet, as we get closer we will know more.)

This is a fully integrated solution for existing Power-logger and FAST / XFI users. Full monitor, tune, & log capabilities. Bring your lap top into your dash! Tunable using a wireless keyboard / Mouse or even use your smart phone!

Our DDI simply installs in minutes, and does not require cutting or removal of any original equipment. Can also be removed just as easily and returned to 100% factory. No added sensors, no added stuff to keep the ALT charged, no speedometer VSS, No wire harness or pigtail stuff to Modify or worry about....

It comes with a HD Display, Intel processor, & Windows 8.1 (full version)

Supports the following technologies:

Micro-SD Card Reader
and WiFi (GPS, Streaming Audio/Video,Apps, and more)!
Charges & connects USB device(s) simultaneously.
Controlled remotely using Mac, iOS, or Android (optional software install required).

No more bulky laptops on your seat or on mounts taking up passenger seating area, Tunable using a wireless blue tooth key board, wireless mouse, or use your Smartphone's keyboard!!

We have a video of the power logger working while driving but it's bad resolution otherwise I would post it up for everyone to see... We will get a much better video and get it posted as soon as possible...
that is badass.. im looking for the link to the other setup you guys were making with all the gauges in the dash? maybe im searching the wrong name
that is badass.. im looking for the link to the other setup you guys were making with all the gauges in the dash? maybe im searching the wrong name
We are currently re-designing those too, those will be available soon as well....
awesome I found the post also please PM when they are revamped with prices and all. my uncle is interested in the setup....thanks
This car is being slingshot into the future will the upgrades and innovations all you gurus are putting out for it. HOLY CRAP! :cool::):eek::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:
How cool is that! As if I didn't already have enough items to spend on.:cry:
Will the odometer be visible? We need that for vehicle inspections here.
How is it in night driving? Can the tablet auto-dim its brightness?
As of now we plan to use the front facing camera to detect daylight and dim the dash... This has now been in a car for weeks testing and more to come shortly and there are a few items that need to be worked out but we are on top of all of them and more not even thought about like flipping the white background on the PL to black and the gauge faces to white and needle to orange or red.... ;)