New guy, Help me spec my resto build!

Honestly, I don’t. I’m on my own here, self taught car guy, no very close friends or family to assist. I do have a mechanic and speed shop owner who I’m friends with that will be doing the work, but he’s not a GN specialist per se. In laws are racers, but really a Mopar family.
You have someone who can help pretty close by .... Mr Spool on this sight can get you squared away .
While your in there doing the timing set and since you'll have the pan off.
Go ahead and "RnR" the rear main seal.
There is a procedure used in the installation process that if followed assures that it woun't need to be repeated.
You should absolutely contact Mr. Spool and contract with him to get your GN squared away!
If he lived that close to me he would need a restraining order to keep me off his property!🤣