new headers in stainless?

Sep 10, 2005
anyone use any brands of headers that are out there now that are junk and i should stay away from or does not bolt on right?....I see e-bay has a stainless one that claims to bolt right on....any thoughts?what brands do you folks use...
there is a bunch of info on headers if yo do a search. My brother underdoggn bought the stainless e-bay headers. They looked awsome but ultimatley led him to sell his car!!!! They never fit right, leaked, and spooled sloooow. He spent countless dollars and time to correct the problem but nothing worked. They were made by ss autochrome but I heard they have changed names several times...beware. Your best bet is to find some used ATRs.
Even at the risk of getting bashed by some since we developed and sell the best turbo Buick headers available, I will give you some comments on a set of e-bay China headers.:smile:

The set I have came from a customer that bought our mild steel set after installing the China set and finding numerous problems with them.

The China set I refer to is a copy of the ATR design.

The first problem was with the turbo not sealing on the 3-bolt flange. In China they made the flange out of a casting, instead of the more costly machined steel plate. Checking the cast flange with a straight edge, it can be plainly seen it is not flat.:eek:

The flange to the head is also a casting, Welding the pipes was done on the outside, and a couple small cracks are visible already. The exhaust port size is smaller than our machined port opening, that fits modified ported heads.

The stainless tubing is MUCH thinner than our 304 material we use, and not sure what grade stainless the China tubes are?:confused:

The crossover pipes [and headers] use a flimsey stamped steel sealing ring, not stainless, instead of a precision machined piece like ours.

Did not receive gaskets, bolts or clamps as I believe they are NOT supplied with this China set?

Some other comments have to do with workmanship that is evident looking at the inside of the China headers - rough and unfinished edges, weld slag hanging and poorly matched fits.

My opinion is they are a throw-away pieces after a few years, if that, when they crack. Weld repair will be difficult [if even possible?] due to the very thin and unknown material quality.