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Jun 27, 2016
Hello everyone,

Just picked up my first turbo Regal, but not my first Regal. Been looking for the right one for a long time and finally pulled the trigger on it.

Been following the forum without signing up for quite some time.

Thanks everyone,



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I don't know a lot of the specifics of this car as of yet, but as I figure it out i'll post updates and whatnot.
Love that area. We have a few acres outside of Spearfish. We go camping up there a few times a year. We want to put a cabin on it but that's still a couple years away at least.
Great looking hot rod and welcome to the site. :)

We don't know everything here, but what we do know we'll share. From what I've seen, we're still trying to figure out about understanding women and computers. Lucky for you, we seem to have a handle on these Buicks.;)

Let us know if you have any questions. On the Buicks, that is...:D

Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. Been sorting some issues with the car out lately! Trying to make it enjoyable to drive and fix some small issues that have come up. Definitely need to get an updated chip it seems like the right place to start.
What's it doing wrong?
What's it got done to it?
What aftermarket parts?
What's it doing wrong?
What's it got done to it?
What aftermarket parts?

So far this is what I know.

Stock block, heads, et cetera. Supposedly taken apart and rebuilt with new gaskets and the like. (No leaks, not even the rear main!)

Rebuilt stock turbo

Red's 93 and 106 chips, obviously running the 93 since 91 is all I can get here and that may be an issue as well. Typically running some of that VDP ("real") octane booster.

Reed camshaft - Grind 200-TM264H-HA74-110A1 I have a cam profile for that if it helps.

I think a stock torque converter, has the lockup switch put in the dash, seems lock up about 1500-1600RPM

Stock trans with shift kit

line lock installed

3" downpipe

Old school looking 3" thick front mount

160 thermostat

Comp high energy timing chain

3102 injectors ( i was told they were 60lb but, hell if i know)

fuel pressure regulator

and a scan master, autometer boost guage, and a rail mounted fuel pressure gauge

That sums up what the previous three owners have done to it. I know it used to have methanol injection but it was removed.

What i've done so far:

Optima yellow top.
G Body Parts hot wire kit (replacing the homemade looking one that was on there)
New aftermarket hanger kit for the fuel tank, with a walbro pump, new gaskets and locking ring, new fuel filter et cetera.
New Bosch O2 sensor

Issues I seem to have, and I think might be solved by a chip (correct me if Im wrong):

In 1st gear, if barely giving it any throttle it occasionally seems to hesitate, like its got a big vacuum leak or something, but then it goes just fine in every other gear. Seems to run rich (by smell and by code 45).

Just sorting this beast out, sorry for the long posting!
Ugh, sorry for the quadruple post. My internet is absolute crap out here.

It's not you. We've been having a glitch this past week. I deleted three of the duplicate posts for you.

The biggest red flag I see is that your car doesn't have any oil leaks. Please check to make sure it has oil in it. ;)

The car has some basic and tasteful mods. Vacuum leaks are very common on these cars and can cause the stumble described.
Chip technology has come a long way since that Red Armstrong chip. Most people here run Turbo Tweak chips. You should notice a difference in drive ability. Every Turbo Tweak chip that I've seen was pretty much spot on to the combo it was made for.
They are also tuneable, in case you want to make some changes.

Do some reading and learn what the scanmaster is telling you. Here's some evening reading to get you started. Don't worry too much if you don't understand everything. Just skim over it and try to learn some of the basic tuning concepts and terminologies.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Mike B.
Changed the plus, they were the wrong heat range and also gapped I think WAY too big, (.040" or so). Still looking for the vacuum leak, might be a micro crack in my intercooler piping, seems to have a bit of a dent in it, ill check it out. Anyway, just ordered a turbo tweak chip, LS1 MAF and translator, and new cone filter since the one in there looks like its seen better days. Appreciate the help so far guys.

Also, yes, it has oil haha. I was just as surprised when it didn't leak!
Seems as if the intercooler hose was the culprit, cleaned it up with an abrasive wheel, applied JB weld steel putty to the area and let it cure and today when I went to drive it the throttle response is quite improved. Friday is when all my parts come in so we'll see how that improves it. Thanks for all the help!
The LS1 MAF, translator, new IAT sensor, and 3.5" intake pipe are all installed. Smoothed the idle out considerably, and most of the hesitation is gone! My turbo tweak chip arrives Tuesday, looking forward to that. Car is a beast, not that i've really opened it up, but, i may hit a test and tune to just see how it does on the shitty tires. Thanks for all your help, gentlemen.