New Kodiak C4500 Truck


May 25, 2001
Has anyone seen this monster?? Its just over 21 feet long :eek: 8 feet wide, 7 1/2 feet tall plus it tips in just over 10,000 pounds they had a nice black one at the dealership, dealer said it would be about 60K for it. They even had a lil write up of it in the local paper but i don't see many people buy something that gets only 11 miles to the gallon, oh well would be a good road rage truck or maybe something for mad max :D

Yep that is the truck i'm talking about :eek: i would love to be in that when i pull behind "or drive over" those ricers at the stop light :D

My Dad just bought one last week. Its a white crew cab with air ride seats, exhaust brake, 5th wheel bed, duramax, and the back seat lays flat for a bed. I think he paid right under 50 for his.
Is it the same Duramax 6600 32V or did they give it one of the several larger motors? I'm assuming an Allison is the standard transmission?