New Laptop , strange AFR readings


Aug 2, 2016
Could some of the more experienced tuners take a look at this screen shot
30-70 mph run
New 6766 turbo, 25psi, and what I think was a little wheel spin
Replaced my laptop, which had always shown a little over 11:1 AFR but now I am showing an over 14:1 AFR.
I also am assuming that the reading is incorrect, as I am still running o2 readings in the low 810's
Along with a new laptop, I replaced my car's battery so I was trying to get back to the changes I mad to my 6.1 TT chip


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You're showing KR and IDC is at 94 percent...and you're only at 68 MPH. You say the turbo is new. Was this chip burned for this turbo for over 25 PSI...or did you have a smaller turbo with the chip? If you've installed a bigger turbo...and not sent the chip to Eric to have fuel added...then you're sucking the chip dry. You can adjust the fueling in the chip...but there might not be enough fuel in it with the larger turbo and you may have to send it to Eric to have him add fuel to it.
At that kind of boost, disregard the nb readings.
I doubt the new LT is the issue. Sum Ting else going on...What Scooby is looking at.
I also am assuming that the reading is incorrect, as I am still running o2 readings in the low 810's
Correct. Did you select the correct wideband in the analog input settings on the configure and download page of the Powerlogger console?
Couple of things
I believe the chip was originally burned for a CPT66, then was used on a te44.
I'm running 60lb injectors and thought I may need to step up to 80's. I will certainly look at getting new injectors and chip.
Scooby Doo, I saw the KR but attributed it to wheel spin as she took a second to hook. The AFR stopped me from stepping into it again.
Chuck Leeper, you've lost me at "nb"? I'm still a relative dope when it comes to this.
TType6, I thought the powerlogger would recognize the wideband, but I will check into it. I am using and Innovate LC1. Thank you.
NB is narrow band. Get yourself a new Denso 02 sensor. You think it was for a 66 turbo. Guessing with a forced induction engine is never a good idea. There's numbers on the chip. Eric will decode the chip for you. Park the car. If you're gonna go to 80's then you'll need a 340 pump to feed them. You'll prolly need a larger return line. It's hit and miss.
The NB sensor works till about 3/4 throttle...from there on up the WB sensor takes over. If you haven't picked the correct WB sensor in PL, or if the WB sensor isn't calibrated correctly or is no longer reading in it's fukd...then all hell will break loose. NB and WB sensors have to be working correctly.
It looks like your wideband is dead, so get that fixed up and try again. The computer doesn't know the wideband is dead, so it's adding tons of fuel to try to compensate. You might just have a bad wb sensor.
Thank you to everyone for their input.
Just when you think you’re starting to figure things out ....