New M/T drag radials

Kevin Turch

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Mar 8, 2002
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Drag radial racers gained as much as .5 with the new M/T drag radial versus a BFG DR of the same size.....

3200+ lb stock suspended cars went 8.50s @ 158+ 1.3XX 60fts on a 275/60/15 (Smaller than a 28x9 slick, for comaparison purposes) .....

"The compound almost feels softer than an ET Street. My guess is an ET Street will actually last longer on the street than these radials. The side wall is stiff until you get about half way from the bead to the tread, then it's VERY flexable. When I was in Phoenix they were taking off everyone's crappy BFGs and putting on M/T so you had a chance to see both tires next to eachother and you could feel the differences. They are NOTHING alike. M/T DRs are to BFG DRs as BFG DRs are to Nitto DRs".....

"Mickey Thompson did extensive testing of the tire at the PSCA World Finals. EVERY car that wore the tire, "gained" in some way or another over the same-size BFG drag radial".....

I dunno, they look like nittos to me :confused: . I wonder how they hook
On the FFW (Mustang BB) there are several DR racers that don't like them b/c they hook too much like a slick and it takes the science out of the DR class. I have not seen one but I think they hook almost like a true slick. From what I have read there is no comparison between a BFG and a MT as far as traction even when comparing the huge 325 BFG to the smaller 275 MT.
Will BFG step up their DR design or will DR classes be limiting the classes to certain tires and sizes, ie: A 275 MT is the largest that can be used along side a 325 BFG in the same class?

Next year will be interesting!

I guess they will become the standard when everyone gets 10K miles on the street with them. :)

Wonder how they are in the rain? :)
Would be interesting if they did replace the originals, since these look like they can take the rain alot better, plus what KEVINS stated about them hooking like slicks, that would be the ultimate street tire.
All I want to know is where and how much $$$....If they hook that good then I'm all over that.
i will definitely buy a set of these drag radials if they can last over 10k miles!

There isn't a single car in the world that wouldn't benefit from slicks at the track, from a stock TR to a Mustang with a thumper. The DR classes merely support the illusion of the 6 second street car - nevermind that it makes 2,000 HP, weighs 2,000 pounds and costs $200,000 - and of course sell lots of tires.

On the street, DRs have the disadvantages of horrific mileage and bad weather traction - hard on the wallet and possibly hard on your well-being. After very few miles they morph into the slicks they pretend to be the answer for, making them quite "DOT illegal". And they encourage street racing, which, like it or not, is just plain stupid.

A bad deal all around.

And the Nittos last the 10K miles and work great in the rain.

And promote traction and safety when you have to get in front of that Ford in the other lane when it narrows down to 1 lane. :D

Okay make it a fast car a Chebbie. ;)
And do a spectacular job of sandblasting your quarters by picking up every grain of sand, every pebble, every rock, every everything they come across.

And, of course, they puncture like the Hindenberg. Take a look at 'em after a few miles - more cuts than Freddy's date.

Those aren't issues for people that actually drive their cars. ;)

Traction with some boost is an issue however.

My 3 pairs have held up well. :)

Ones on the GN have about 7K on them now I bought used still work fine.

Yeah they pick up stuff, hey they're sticky.

I agree with the $$$ racecars on them however. A joke really, but hey it gives people with tons of money something to do and brag about. :)

Why do you think they went to stickier compounds? I bet they last less than 3K on the street.

Don't matter much to me went with Hoosier QTP's for racing next year. :D Oh, DOT too. :cool: