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Jan 24, 2020
Hello all, from Randolph, NJ.
My name is Jerry Rieger, and I'm the original owner of a 1987 GN.
The car has 75K on it, and has been sitting for a few years in my garage.
I've just started up a restoration/update on the car.

I've been a lurker on this site for a couple of years, and decided to join since I will be active with the car again.
There are so many knowledgeable and helpful people on this site, it is a pleasure to just browse and learn!

My car is 'stuck in the 90's', with some old-school bolt ons. (Ram Air, Phenolic Plenum Spacer, Pit Bull Chip, etc.)
I'm looking forward to getting some newer technology and tuning done.

I've always enjoyed this car, and I have many great memories with it.
I hope that you are all enjoying your cars as much as I have!

I must apologize in advance for any redundant or 'stupid' questions that I may be asking!
I'm excited to join this online community!
Welcome Jerry, enjoy your stay their are some brilliant Buick minds that still post here, learn from them but don't take things as gospel without verifying on your own, an example would be there will be alot people telling you to ditch the ram air when in reality it's an efficient way to bring fresh air into your intake in a street driven car. That combined with getting more airflow to a stock location intercooler (slic) or a front mount may extend the performance of 93 pump gas, or add in some off the shelf octane boost such as royal purple maxboost to bring 93 to 96 octane.. just saying their are different ways to increase performance that are outside the norm. All in the combo for sure.. Got any family from Massachusetts by any chance?
Thank you DeezDad!

My Sister, Brother-In-Law, nephew, and now my dad all live in Groton, Mass.
We were all up there right before Christmas, very nice up there!

Do you know someone that I know? :cool:
she's a good girl ..just got a fresh drink of eerll today :p ...very kool and prestigious being the original owner cheers
Thank you DeezDad!

My Sister, Brother-In-Law, nephew, and now my dad all live in Groton, Mass.
We were all up there right before Christmas, very nice up there!

Do you know someone that I know? :cool:
There is a wonderful Rieger family from Bellingham Ma that I've known for many years, yes Groton in pretty, & pricey lol
Thanks TurboTGuy!
I have much to learn, and it looks like I'm in the right place!

I wish that I could claim the wonderful Rieger's from Bellingham, but I don't think that we are related.
(Although you never know!)
Remember the old saying, "There's no stupid questions, just stupid answers" Lots of crotchety old guys on here but they are pretty helpful. :LOL: I don't anything that's wrong with your car other than getting a new chip from TT and maybe a translator after the famous spring cleaning. Who cares how fast it is, its fun to drive right.
Grass Doctor,

As far as being an original owner, it's nice to know the history of the car and that every scratch and ding was put there by you.
When I was growing up I'd always hear guys saying, I had a Hurst Olds 442, or a GTO, or Mustang GT350 etc. that I wish I never got rid of.

I bought my GN when I was 22 years old, and at my first job after College.
I was living at home with my dad, and he worked at the GM Linden assembly plant for 33 years.
I could only afford the new car by cutting it very close on payments, and getting my dad's GM Employee discount on the car. (18% off)

I told myself that I never want to be one of those guys missing a car that they should have kept.
I was lucky that circumstances in life aligned where I was able to keep it all this time.

Now I'm super excited to get it back to its Glory Days !! :D
Thank you KC87!

I'm pulling out the Pit Bull chip and putting the Stock chip back in, just to get it up and running again.
I dropped the fuel tank and the fuel inside is ORANGE, so I have a new tank and a DW300 going in. (GBodyParts fuel tank kit)

I've got some updates planned with Brian Bissonette, once I can get it up to Connecticut.
I’m glad you decided to join. It’s a great place to be.
If I didn’t know better, it’s sounds like you’re describing my car.
I’m an original owner as well. I had the pitbull chip until a few years ago. I still have the KB ram air, updated w/ a 4” filter, Z06 maf and 3.5” maf pipe.

It seems we all know something different about these cars, so it’s good to have another perspective.

When you get a chance, post up some photos. We’d love to see it.

Thank you 1986 Buick GX1!
Looking through your list of modifications is eerily close to some of my mods! (But you have many newer updates that I don't have!)
If people are interested, I will create an 'Out of the 90's' thread to document the restore/upgrades.
I'll have to take some new pictures once I get the car clean though.
I used to wash it close to every week, and I'm ashamed of the dust that has piled up on it in the last few years!

Quick Question, I see many of the members list their Modifications but not many list their Quarter Mile times.
Is this an etiquette thing on this board, or are people super secretive/competitive?
Welcome to the group! Something special about being the original owner of your TR. I never ever thought about getting rid of mine in the last 35 years. Told my wife to bury me in it.
HotAirWH1, that's the running joke in my family too!
Even my nieces and nephews have heard it. (Multiple times.)

It sounds like you have enjoyed your years of ownership also!
I hope that it brings you many more years of happiness!!!
KC87 - 'Etiquette, what's that?'

LOL, Ok … just want to make sure that I'm not breaking any unwritten rules !!