New Modded 109 Motor


Nov 13, 2005
I have a fully machined ready to go together 109 motor forsale. Its bagged machined and ready to go at my builders shop. I left it unassembled on purpose for the simple fact either someone will want to put it together themselves or have their builder assemble it. I was going to use this for my car but have since sold it and bought an LS1 car. All you need is push rods,(i have stockers if ya need them),valve covers,and upper intake. Like I said its all there and ready to go together to your specs. Machine work was done by a reputable shop.Im sure Im forgetting something here. Im selling for alot less than I have in it. Please only serious inquires and no dumb low ball offers. I dont have to sell it,I dont need the money but its only going to take up more space,and I dont see me using it anytime soon. If I have to I will just keep it if it comes down to it. I dont think what Im asking is out of line considering whats in it in parts,machine work,and port work. Asking $3900 o.b.o.

109 block

30 over
line bored & honed with plates
all ARP bolts
New 30 over TRW forged pistons
Stock turbo crank cut 10/10
Stock turbo rods reconditoned
Billet main caps,2 centers
Stock oil pan modded
New front cover
New water pump
New stock flywheel
New Comp roller lifters
New Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Part# 69-400-8
All gaskets to assemble motor
New Cometic head gaskets

Heads & Intake

Fully Ported Stage 3 by Vitale Performance (VPE)
1.775 INTAKE
set up for roller cam
Lower intake also ported by VPE,EGR,removed and blended
I have the receipt for these and more info on them flow #s etc. I have $1125 just in port work on these and the lower intake.
Brand new T&D shaft mounted rockers 1.6 ratio
who did machine work??

Tony Vitale did the head work. He lives close to me and is a part of our local "crew".

He does awesome head work! Top knotch stuff. Ill talk to tony and ask him what he did to these.

How much do you want for the heads ?
Sorry guys,I havent been on for a bit,the motor was sold.I gave a friend of mine a smoking deal on it.